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Sunday, October 13, 2013


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Rachelle Blondel of Ted and Agnes
makes lots of cool stuff from clothes to books and she has had
the best idea ever!
Handmade 365
The short version of this fantastic idea is that Rachelle, being a maker of stuff, decided to
pledge to wear at least one handcrafted item each day for a full 365, and to encourage others to likewise take such a pledge and join in the fun.  It can be anything from a full wardrobe right down to the under-items, to a handcrafted bracelet - and anything in between.  What you wear can be made by you or someone else. 
 That is the only rule.
If you like the idea and want to really join in the fun,
you can sign up on her blog and link your site or blog
to hers each week with pics of your choices...just for fun.
There's a badge for your blog too if you are so inclined.  How fun is that?
And if you don't want to go that far, you can always just play along for the fun of supporting the
arts/craftsy community and yourself!
If you are a fan of artsy/craftsy blogs etc, you probably make/buy handmade anyway
so what better way to encourage others to do the same?!
And with the holidays fast approaching, it will be a good reminder to shop local
and/or handmade as you do your Christmas shopping!
Rachelle's site is divine and worth some time so check it out.
So, are you with me??

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