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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


My recent trip to the hospital was a sobering experience.
When I was little, it was one of my worst fears...having to go to the hospital...
or ride in an ambulance.
Working at a hospital for a number of years and having three kids
cured me of the hospital phobia (for the most part), but until February,
riding in an ambulance was still on my bucket list of fears.
When I finally did have to face that fear, I would happily have ridden on the HOOD of the thing if that had been the only way to get to the hospital. 
God bless ambulance drivers.
Of course, I milked my convalescence for all it was worth
and spent a good deal of time in the big chair.
I also spent some time thinking about my diet.
Because I was told to.  That and my exercise routine (which is non-existent).
Yada-yada-yada I ended up on
 Meghan Telpner's website.

 Do you know her?
You should!  She is the author of a brand new book
coming out this week called

Does that pique your interest?
Meghan is a Nutritionista who as a young woman, discovered she had Crohn's disease.
Not willing to just roll over and accept this sentence, she began to research how diet
and lifestyle impact our health.   10 years later, she remains symptom free, cured of a disease believed to be incurable.  "Undieting" is how she lives and what she teaches through her new book,
her website, and her classes.

Meghan's website offers tons and tons of divine recipes for everything from
snacks to smoothies, desserts to natural beauty treats!
...all made with natural, whole food.
On Friday, Meghan will be here on the blog
with her new book....come back
and meet her and get ready for the


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