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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bunny Time

She is the product of the ever-talented,
Not long ago, Alicia announced her latest creation,
Maggie Rabbit.
She offered (and I immediately purchased!) Maggie kits
which included everything necessary to create a Maggie Rabbit...the
wool felt, the liberty print fabric, yarn etc...every last little detail...and
no one does the details like Alicia.
Which might explain why she sold over 1200 of these kits
in a day or so...every kit she made...gone!
I count myself lucky to have gotten my kit...I am
working on my Maggie right now...she won't be  ready for Easter,
but she is DIVINE!
Soon, Alicia promises more clothes, patterns, even little shoes!  How
cute is that?
This begs the question...what is a woman well past the age of playing with
dolls, and the mother of boys, to do with Maggie Rabbit?
No clue....none.  I just know she makes me happy.
Hope you have a wonderful Easter.
(and yes, I'm sure I'll have to have the patterns for more bunny clothes
as they become available!)


  1. As long as you are happy and smiling, that's enough reason. Life really is about the simple things.

    Happy Easter,

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........