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Friday, December 9, 2011

Craft Time..

Time for a craft tutorial!  No need to despair, I am not even going to attempt such a thing, BUT, I do know a good one when I see one and no one does it better than the super fantastic
 Jenny Doh...

I never visit her blog without learning something.  What could be better than an easy quick craft
that can serve multiple purposes, and is so fun and stylish?

Of what do I speak?  you might ask.  This fabulous little

Surely you remember the 70s and all that macrame...maybe not.
Jenny offers a tutorial WITH PICTURES as to exactly how this little ditty can be made just
in time for your Christmas gift giving...

Scoot right over for a lesson.  Thanks to Jenny
for such an easy-to-follow lesson....and a walk down memory lane......

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