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Monday, December 12, 2011

Crafty Farm Girl

Crafty Farm Girl is a blog I came across fairly recently.  That's Aimee above.   I can't remember exactly how I came found her blog, but she wrote about being a "scanner" personality, and I knew I had a new blog friend.  Who knew my inability to stick with one craft or interest had a name?  It feels so much more official to have a label.  Aimee can do it all....she cooks, she sews, she paints, she cuts lino, she makes jewelry, she has refurbished her own travel trailer, she travels, oh and she has chickens and goats, 4 kids....this is a seriously busy woman.

Here's a little recycle sweater-blanket she dreamed up then made...see the tutorial on her site.

How 'bout this little scarf?  You can whip one up for friends and relatives.

Perhaps lino prints are more to your liking...she has a whole farm series...oh my.

Jewelry perhaps?  how about this for clever?

Photography seems to be just a little something extra she dabbles in. 
Honestly, the list goes on and on and on....this lady is serious talent.
and here's the best part......
She and her sister Lisa took a recent road trip and were headed straight up 95 on their way home, van loaded to the gills with thrifty treasure just waiting to be turned into artistic booty, and stopped by  my house!!!  How fun was THAT?  She assured me they were not "ax murderers" and so I invited them to come.  I felt sure they would mention if they were.   By the time I knew when they were coming, we had supper plans, but they were able to stop by for a much too short visit, but it was just so fun to meet people with like-issues (see above scanner personality definition).  I was in such an excited state, I forgot to take photos (and we all know how well I use a camera), but take my word for it, we had fun meeting for a short while.  I am hoping they come back when they take their next trip. 
Be sure to check out her site.  You will surely find inspiration from her many tutorials and fun posts!


  1. Actually, she is an ax murderer. She chases me around with one all time. Fortunately I am very fast! Aimee's husband!

  2. ah yes...the truth comes out....!

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........