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Thursday, October 6, 2011


I love this Travellers Insurance commercial.  It's the one where the dog is so worried about keeping his beloved bone safe he cannot relax, rest or enjoy the bone.  Ray LaMontagne sings his fabulous hit "Trouble" from days gone by in the background.
I am the dog.

I come from a long line of worriers.  They tell me my great-grandmother was a grandmother was a worrier, my mother is a worrier and of course, I am a worrier.  I am an equal opportunity worrier.  If I can't come up with something to worry about, I'll invent something.  If I can't invent a good worry, I'll worry about someone else's a sponge.

Farming is a dangerous occupation they say.   You can't open a farm magazine without being warned to make sure equipment is turned off before trying to fix a malfunction;  the farmer is contantly lying on a creeper under a huge tractor with a wrench; farmhands driving giant combines on tiny roads barely big enough for cars to pass let alone farm equipment....worry.

So it's not like I need something else to worry about.  Now, need it or not, I have it. 
Yesterday, one of the farmhands related that he was driving a tractor down a dirt road minding his own business when out of the corner of his eye he caught a glance of something moving....on the door...inside the cab....inches from his arm....a black snake. 
Did I mention it was INSIDE THE TRACTOR?

Brakes slammed, tractor stopped, other door flung open, farmhand on the ground, snake still slithering.....
Thankfully, the farmer was driving behind him and between them, they wrangled the snake out of the cab and into a ditch where I hope he remains today....

I did not need another worry.  I may call Travellers and see what they have to offer.

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