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Monday, October 10, 2011


It's that time of year again.... 
Last Friday, two of my favorite people and I made our annual pilgrimage to
Waterford for the Craft Faire and Home Tours.
Described in the Faire Book as a "small rural village which 200 years ago bustled with traditional agricultural activity" it remains today an intact rural village which includes many restored homes and  buildings including The Mill, the Second Street School,
The Old School, several churches, a civil war encampment, several barns AND traditional crafters
not only selling their wares but also demonstrating how they are made. 

 This of course includes basket weavers, paper cutters, candle makers, furniture makers, spinners, painters, leather workers, herbists
quilters, carvers, doll makers and too many others to mention.
And the homes!  Did I mention the homes?  Log homes, stone homes, brick houses, large houses
tiny houses...oh my,  all decorated with beautiful fall flowers and pumpkins  and gourds.
I am always taken with the fact that in Waterford, things always look a bit
askew...a little crooked, not too perfect...quirky.  I like that.  Gardens are a little overgrown,
yards have a few weeds, pastures are messy, sheep don't look like they have had are old and slightly off-kilter, fences are wooden and sometimes need a coat of paint, and teeny tiny houses look a bit  out of plumb.
Everwhere you look, something fun to look at, eat and/or purchase.

so pretty.....quirky....
Not unlike those of us who attended.....(that's Angel wearing her birthday crown)
It was a great day.

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