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Saturday, September 24, 2011


If you haven't discovered Pinterest you must give it a try.
It seem that everyday there is something new to see and try in the crafting world.
Pinterest is a catalog of sorts where you can "pin" things you like (like bookmark) and have a place to keep them rather like a big inspiration board.  It is addictive and one more place
on line to get lost in creativity and ideas.

I think things like this are half the reason I can't find just one thing to do...There
are so many....paper, fabric, yarn, paint, pencils, jewelry, books, thread, embroidery, beads,
cookies, cupcakes, it's all there for the taking.  I'm all over the place....I like it all.
I made a few of these for some little friends before school this year....I am so sorry i can't remember
where I got this idea, but I am posting the photo anyway....they were simple
and quick to make....

and Lori Marie posted a photo of these beauties which inspired to me try a
few....I've changed them up a bit to make fun neck cushions using some scraps I have
but they are turning out really fun....

And to top things off, Tif Fussell's new book Dottie Angel arrived in
the Farm and Fru Fru mailbox this week CHOCK FULL of granny chic projects just
waiting to be tried.  It's a must read.

So many little time......

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