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Friday, February 18, 2011

Jessica Fletcher, Inspiration and Pods

My Sainted Mother is at it again....
You may recall some months ago, she campaigned against her yard squirrels.
Now, it is an unknown villain.
A few weeks back, Ma noticed that her newspaper was missing...several mornings.
Each time, she reported it and another paper was delivered right away, but after a few times,
the delivery lady mentioned that other neighbors had the same complaint.  The thefts seemed to follow a pattern that in true Murder She Wrote style, Ma, aka Jessica Fletcher quickly deduced to be a diabolical plan.  Apparently the thief, not wanting to call attention to himself, chose a different neighbor each day to "donate" a paper..
"Jessica" has decided it must be the man who walks his two dogs daily at 5:30 real reason for this deduction, she just thinks it makes sense.
"So what's the plan?" I asked.
"I'm going to get up early before the paper comes and when I see
the thief, I will throw some pop-crackers at him."
"Let me get this plan to throw open the door when you see the man with the two dogs
walking down the street, at 5:30 am, and in your robe and satin head wrap, light 'pop-crackers' and
fling them out into the yard? the unsuspecting man? ...who might be guilty of nothing more than walking his dogs?" 
Well" said she, "it might scare him off."
"ah, yeah, and you don't even need the pop crackers for that" I proposed.
I am not sure I think any sane person is going to get up each morning before light, walk around an unlit neighborhood under the guise of walking his dogs, and brazenly steal a paper all just to avoid purchasing one he could read online for nothing...
Jessica Fletcher however, disagrees...and she is fully loaded.
  Beware....just sayin'.

Amy Powers is at it again and her
Spring magazine is unbelievably beautiful.  It is chock full of the most enchanting
eye candy and ideas for such lovely crafts to make for Spring.  You cannot believe how many projects she is offering up.  I found at least 8 I want to try.  Click her name to be transported to Eye-Candyland
and order your copy today.  It's instant gratification because it's all on-line!

Speaking of Spring, this little number is on my wish list.  I have a birthday coming up shortly...Do you think the farmer might oblige me with one of these hanging pods?

Called a NestRest, it is a full size hanging nest... for
people.  Complete with pillows and cushions, it takes relaxation to a
whole new level in my mind.
Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety of
Dedon are two of Paris' most intriguing design talents who came up with
this over sized bird's nest as a sanctuary for relaxation, conversation and

Yes please.

Hope you have a great weekend....come back next Friday and I will share THE BEST bread recipe I have come across in a very long time...crusty, yummy and unbelievably simple...


  1. Your blog is so cute.I will come back to see you soon.Silvia

  2. yay silvia! thanks...come anytime!

  3. I can't wait to have my own nest rest ... but as I am opposed to the great outdoors (heat, cold, insects, animals pollen etc), I may have too put my nest rest inside the home. Just what I need, a meditation hut. You never know what you need until you read farm and fru fru.

  4. as to Mother ... I think you should RECOGNIZE (as all young cool people say) that Mother knows best. If mother has read all of Sue Grafton and Patricia Cornwell's novels (while you continue to reread Jane Austen) not to mention logging 1000's of TV hours memorizing Matlock, Murder She Wrote, Perry Mason & the ever informative Andy Griffith Show, (while you yourself are observing QVC, Martha & AX MEN) if she says the dogwalker did it, then you better believe the DOGWALKER DID IT. End of case. Obviously she has had enough training to be a Grade 1 Detective. Also, since she is an upstanding member of the choir, we shall call her The Singing Senior Citizen Detective. Book 'em Dano.

  5. right on both counts mother KNOW i want a pod...and namo's new name is just right...

  6. ...a crow gift perhaps....speak to know i have a birthday coming....

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........