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Friday, February 25, 2011

Crusty Bread

Last Friday, I promised to post this most delicious crusty bread will love it if you love a hard, french-y crusty is really really good and super simple....really!  I got it here at Martha Stewart's blog, and she has a video there if you want to see that...It's originally a Jim Lahey of NYC's Sullivan Street Bakery, to the recipe...when I made it, I swore there was no way it could work and be tasty, but trust me, it is...

Crusty Bread

3 C flour (bread flour preferred)
1 1/4 t. salt
1/4 t. yeast (that's right)
1 1/3-1 1/2 C COOL water (yes, cool)

Mix flour, salt and yeast together, then add water...mix will be sticky
leave in bowl covered with a plate for at least 12, preferably 18 hours on counter
then, dust counter with flour and dump dough out
fold over a couple times and form a ball
place ball on parchment paper square and cover with a towel to rest for 2 hours on counter
pre-heat oven to 450 and place a 4-5 qt. oven safe covered dutch oven into the hot oven and preheat the pot for about 30 minutes....empty
after the 2 hour resting period, CAREFULLY remove hot pot from oven and "plop" the parchment paper with the dough on it into the hot pot.
COVER pot of dough and cook 30 minutes. 
remove cover and cook 10-15 minutes more...bread should be a golden brown
cool, slice and prepare to be amazed.

this is a VERY crusty chewy bread...

It's a.......NOOK!

That's right, I got who cannot work a vcr let alone a dvd player, me who cannot change the answering machine message or set my digital watch.  But, it had to be...and it is....divine!  I haven't even gotten around to BUYING any books, I am too busy downloading FREE ones, looking at email and looking at blogs!  I love it!  The music is fun too and it has lots of other features....Saturday, Barnes and Noble will give you free coffee if you go
by and try one out...prepare to purchase though, you will be impressed!
Have a Fun Weekend...!


  1. Thanks so much for the bread recipe. It looks very tasty and I love crusty bread.
    As for the nook, I'm curious how it works for you in the long run and if you enjoy reading books on the "thing". Yesterday I saw a couple side by side, one reading a book and one a book on a Nook (or Kindle or else).
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Thanks for popping by my blog :).
    I *heart* that bread ... one of my favorites to make. America's Test Kitchen did their version and I've been meaning to try it ... just a few tweaks to the recipe.
    And the Nook, gosh I think I need one just for surfing too, forget reading books, LOL. For now I just sew up the covers and dream of having one and the time to play around on it. Enjoy!!

    Happy day!

  3. welcome andrea....stop by anytime!

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........