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Friday, February 11, 2011

Won't you be Mine?

It's almost here.....Valentine's Day.  Are you ready?  Do you GET ready or just let it pass?  I found some cute blog are a few of my faves...

Mayamade is another one of my favorite blogs.  Maya made this little valentine ditty last year
and I just came across it...wouldn't you love a treat wrapped like this?

and Amy Powers had this cute little stitched sampler that so reminded me of just the
right treat for the BIG day....

Betz White  recommends a tutorial from Craftzine for this
heart can be made of felt or paper...

and lastly, Laurie, at Tip Junkie, has more cuteness for V-Day than you will ever
have time to use....but such fun to look at!

On another note.....

Caroline, of Ekster Antiques
was featured in theWashington Post this week in an article about Barn Sales.
Caroline, who lives with her family in Hamilton (near Waterford Virginia), owned and ran Ekster Antiques
for a number of years in Leesburg, but has now moved her business to the Barn on her
families property.  I have not yet been to the sale, but she has also had sales at the
Waterford Faire which I go to EVERY YEAR, so I am a fan of hers in a BIG way...Check out her site above and read the article.  You may like to plan a trip to her next sale beginning February 25...Her taste is to die for.

We at Farm and Fru Fru wish you the nicest Valentine's Day ever....


  1. Just found your lovely blog....happy valentine's day...such a sweet day filled with hearts and love.

  2. Nice Valentine's selections! Hope you had a good day! ~Heidi

  3. thanks koralee, and welcome! check back soon...
    and thanks to you too heidi~

  4. What a pretty post. Hope you have a lovely valentines day :)

  5. It's so good to have you back! I have missed the peanuts out of you!

    HUGS to you and Jubel!

  6. thanks julie...i looked at yours and we certainly have a lot in common!

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........