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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So you want to be a Farmer...?

I love the farm and fru fru blog.  I really have little to say, am a terrible photographer and rarely do anything worth talking about much less writing about, but I do love the people who read it anyway and comment or sometimes even e-mail me.  You just meet the nicest people!  Anyway, I am amazed at the number of women who have emailed that they would love to a) live in the country, or b) live on a farm or c) have a donkey etc etc...
even after all the stuff I have written, there are those who apparently still think it is a good idea....Well, since everyone can't live in the country, I have decided to post ways to bring the country to your surroundings. After all, I think country living is 3/4 a state of mind anyway... Today we will start with overalls.

If you want to be a country/farm-chick,woman,gal,whatever, you really need a pair of overalls.  Liberty overalls specifically.  Oh I know, there are those who would recommend Key or (heaven forbid) GAP, but THE FARMER would never approve.  Get yourself down to Southern States or somewhere and get authentic Liberty.  There are so many advantages to wearing overalls...

First and foremost, they are VERY can weigh 300 pounds and no one will know...
Second...they are good for any and all outdoor or indoor activities...they are all kinds of comfortable...there is no waist constriction (important when eating) and the legs are so big and airy...good in any but the hottest weather.
Third...if you are wearing overalls people think you are very industrious...they just have a "work" look.  You can put them on and sit in a porch swing sipping lemonade and people think you have been plowing the back 40 even if all you have done is eat bon bons and read Country Living Magazine.

I love my overalls.  They can be worn for several days unless you are doing some really dirty work because they show no dirt for a long time.  They are a must have for every farmer wannabe...please, get is your first assignment on your way to becoming a farm......something...what should we call ourselves...?  no clue...  please....come up with something...chick?  girl?  gal?  tart?


  1. My sister and I grew up about 10 miles from where we now live. In those days, many years ago when age mattered, we were four years and one day apart, she being the oldest. I remember a time, after father had made her the beautiful and wonderful spin art maker that she wrote about last month, that I was also presented with a treat.

    Father has spent months making the spin art machine, and I, being probably 8 or so, thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. I think my sister let me use it once. I was the bratty little brother, and she couldn’t be bothered with such nonsense. One day he came home with, get ready….a spool of wire. More like a tangled mass of wire. Not even new wire mind you, but old telephone wire that they had pulled out of the plant where he worked. Told me to make something with it. I think even then, he knew I was not going to be college bound. I was destined to be a nerd. Not only did she have the bigger room, she also got the cooler toys.

    As the years went by, sister made her pretty pictures, and other “fru fur” things, and I took most everything electronic I could find in the house apart. I did use the wire to make a neat intercom that I used to bug her room, and to put a speaker in the wall behind her bed and play the radio at night. She thought there were little people living in the wall. Yes sister… was me.

    Fast forward till I was about 16 or 17, and she was 20 or so, and still living at home. Again, Dad having the forethought that I probably wasn’t going to college, and after much urging from me, bought me a computer. This is 1977 remember, and computers had not really come on the scene yet. No internet, no email, no nothing. Just nerds playing games in BASIC. I still remember her asking me “what are you going to do with that?” in her oh so superior tone. While she went about her days making dresses out of coffee filters, and flower pots out of orange juice cans, I went about mine learning what I could about computers and all things electronic. Even though I knew she and the Farmer were playing with my PONG game in the parlor after I went to bed, I said nothing.

    Sister was the butt of several practical jokes over the years. When she and the farmer were going to be married, she was working at the time at a local Hospital in the administration area. I got together with her boss at the time, and made sure her blood test came back negative. I thought it was a funny joke, but at the time, she didn’t see the humor in it.

    Now fast forward about 25 years or so… If somebody had told me just 3 years ago, that my big sister would have a cell phone, a DVD player, satellite tv, a laptop computer, and her own blog, I would have said they were quite mad. But here she is. And what a great blog it is…..

    Here’s wishing you a Happy Birthday sister…..hope you have many many more. Remind me the next time I am over and I’ll set the clock again, on the VCR.


  2. my brother fibs....alot....i did NOT have the bigger room and i cannot believe....will not believe..that those little people behind the wall all those years ago were cannot be...and yes, the VCR needs to be re-set...

  3. Experts from around the world , with all of the finest measuring equipment, have investigated and agreed.... Sister DOES have the bigger room. She just needed all of that floor space for making spin art decorations and dresses and all things fru fru.

  4. love the part about weighing 300 pounds and you'd never know, the same can be said for those that weigh like 150 pounds and in a pair of overalls, look like they weigh 300 pounds - they are the great equalizer :0) Love your blog!

  5. are soooo right...should have mentioned that! tvp25...a sisterinlaw with an old ruler does not qualify as an "expert"...does qualify as last note brother....i STILL get the shakes and break into a sweat when i have to have blood if i need another anxiety....sister

  6. Hi, just discovered your post and blog, and you are so right about overalls, and if you visit my blog, and check some of my links to other overalls lovers, especially Maya, Laury, Susan etc. you will discover how much you share the same feeling and love of the most fantastic clothing item ever invented ! when it comes to brand, well, I like round house, key etc. they are all overalls and the baggy well worn ones are the very best ! hoep to see you celebrating overalls day November 20! all the best Niels/bibprofessor

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........