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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Yesterday was my birthday.  I was gifted....over and over again.  So many friends and so many family members.  I am amazed at just how sweet people are.  Thank you to all who remembered me on the day of my birth...

Today is my brother's birthday.  My only brother...the one who commented yesterday on my birthday.

 The favored one.

 I got him as a gift when I turned four.

  At least that is what my parents told me.  "Aren't you lucky" they said.  "You get a brother for your birthday!"

 I wanted a sister.  Bad.  I was very upset.   But as we all know, God has His own way of playing practical jokes on us and mine was my brother.  I could write a laundry list of ways he has bested me through the years; how he threw a fit and didn't have to take piano lessons anymore but I got the spanking and was told to practice.  How he hated choir and stuck his tongue out at our mother in church one Sunday morning and didn't have to sing anymore but I got the spanking and was told to sing.  How he got the cool Nova when he started to drive and I got the 10 year old Falcon with the door that flew open everytime you went around a corner.   How I STILL to this day break out in a sweat when I have to have blood drawn after he fixed it with my boss the hospital administrator when I had blood drawn to get my marriage license. How my boss drew me aside and told me I tested positive for a social disease and would not be allowed  to get married in the state of Virginia......  like 3 days before my wedding..... But I won't lower myself to his standard.

 I got him back from time to time....that was MY retainer I put in his ice tea glass, not his.  And HE was the one who fell through the glass door being chased by me holding a raw chicken...  Instead of trying to one-up him joke-wise, though,  I will just say....... HAPPY50th.

I wanted to post a funny photo of him but he would have to come and do it so I think he should have the day off...being so old and all...

 Here's to many many more years of jokes..."you're the best jerry..... the best"..................  oh and my computer is acting funny..............


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! So lovely to find your blog over from Bunny Hill. Catherine x

  2. Lovely Gifts. more lovely brother.

  3. Happy belated are officially older than me (by what...6 months)must now call you "Oh Wise One". Looks like you made the great birthday haul..that's always a plus in my book. BTW, your Brother sounds like a hoot! Happy BD to him too! - MaLinda

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........