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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Best Part of Waking Up

eye opener
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My cousin sent me an email with 20+ unexpected uses for coffee filters. (Thanks EC) It was a first for me because quite frankly, I don't drink coffee, don't use filters and had no clue they were so useful! AND, you can buy like 1000 for next to nothing at the dollar store. I have decided I can no longer go a day without having these utilitarian essentials in my kitchen. And.....

Lucky Farm and Fru Fru readers will be the benefactors of my new-found knowledge! I will be posting the coffee filter use list just for you. But...

Needn't think I will impart this wisdom all at once...oooooh no. I will be posting one or two (at most and only on special days) previously unknown uses for coffee filters with each post. I hope you will stop by each day because we here at Farm and Fru Fru strive to educate...not just entertain. If this is your first visit...Welcome! If you are a regular, I just KNOW you will return for coffee filter updates!

COFFEE FILTER USE #1: Use coffee filters to cover bowls in the microwave to keep food from spattering..they make great covers.


  1. i will definitely be tuning in. i don't use filters cuz i have a french press, but i might just have to run out and buy some to play with.

  2. We make cool art at the Kingdom with filters. Add a little paint or water color in the center and as it bleeds out you have a groovy 3-D flower. I am going to make my peeps use them in the microwave. Pure Genius.

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........