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Friday, January 29, 2010

It IS Easy Being Green

I've officially gone green.
It's not that I haven't been somewhat green in the past..I have...I recycle, I turn the water off while I am brushing my teeth (most of the time), and I was certainly thrifting before it was the fashion. But now, I have taken it to a new level. I wish I could say it is because I felt compelled to do more to save the Earth...I should but that's not  the only reason.  No. I have found a new craft medium! It is....the Tee! I am loving it. And best of all it is FREE. Now THAT is my kind of green.

I have raided all dresser drawers here at Farm and Fru Fru and have commandeered any tees that suit my color needs and are no longer being worn by the previous owners. The possibilities are endless. I have been completely inspired yet again by Natalie Chanin and her Alabama Stitch book (see new craft bible. I will keep you posted, but I have a feeling that all tees here at Farm and Fru Fru are fair game. Unless they are being worn...maybe even then...

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