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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Got Talent?

Just when I think I've hit rock bottom in the talent department I somehow manage to drain just a little bit more out of the pool.

 Generally, I am pretty happy with my little crafts and I enjoy making them...take this little bird for example...a simple little doo-dad I was inspired to make after seeing something similar on Lucy's blog  Her's was crocheted but I don't crochet that well so I settled for wool felt and buttons.  A simple project to be sure.  I worked on it for oh, maybe a week on and off and voila...done!  This is what I turned out in a week.

My dear little friend is turning 6 next month so I ask my very kind and accommodating  sister-in-law to make her a sweater.  I don't knit that well either. less than a week, this is what she turned out...can you believe it?    It took her LESS time to complete a cable-knit cardigan than it took me to make a very small bird...and this is a beautiful sweater!

I spent a little time thinking about the disparity of this talent....cable-knit cardigan/felt bird...cable-knit cardigan/felt bird...for a while it depressed stopped thinking about it.  I decided to wrap the sweater up and give it to my little friend...and think instead  about how lucky I am to have a talented...and generous sister-in-law.

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