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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Outside My Door

I should have put on my tall rubber boots and ventured out into the 21 degree snowy weather this morning to get a good close-up of the cows.  Instead, I stuck one bedroom-slippered foot out the door along with the camera, snapped a quick picture, shivered a bit and rushed back in to sit by the fire and contemplate soup vs. chilli...I have decided to make both.  The snowy-backed cows do look pretty though I don't understand their reluctance to stay in the barn where it is warmer...silly cows.   I however will stay inside, eat soup, then chilli and craft the day away watching the snowy-backs from my window.


  1. Your day sounds perfect! We got 6". I loved you picture, but can't help feeling sorry for those cows! Twyla

  2. Pretty picture! Especially when viewed from inside, while eating chili and cutting up t-shirts. Are the farmer and sons running around shirtless now?

  3. pretty much marge...I sneak in their drawers when no one is looking...

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........