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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


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A Little Dog Christmas
Christmas was coming and Little Dog was scared.  His dog pals were excited and talked of Christmas as if it was a good thing.  They danced excitedly and   talked about giant men made of snow and dog treats brought down the chimney by a chubby man dressed in red.  Down the chimney? Little dog worried.  Giants made of SNOW?  Little Dog quivered.
Then there was this business of tiny little elves with pointed ears that peeped around corners and hid in closets, then reported misbehavior to the chubby man.  Little Dog had trouble behaving when his person was close by let alone when he was by himself.  This was something new to worry about
And so he did.
His friends told of trees being brought into the house and decorated with lights and glass balls as if this was a good thing.  It did not sound good to him.  Why would anyone want a big tree in the house?  Didn’t they know pesky squirrels lived in trees?   And now they wanted to bring one inside.  He shook just thinking of it.
Just the other day at the mall when someone set a little person on the lap of a man in a red suit the little person screamed until his person removed him!  Little dog shuddered at the thought.
But the thing that really struck terror in little dog’s heart was hearing his person invite the dreaded Mrs. Thistleberry to tea!
“I will hide under the bed,” thought Little Dog.
And so he did.
A knock at the door confirmed his worst fear.  Little Dog tucked his head safely under the dust ruffle.  He lay as still as a stone.
 “Little Dog,” called his person, “come out and see Mrs. Thistleberry and show her your new red sweater.”
 Little Dog didn’t move a muscle.  He held his breath and closed his eyes.
  “Silly dog,” said his person scooping him up…”I can see you, you know…your hind end is sticking out!”
And so it was.
Little dog began to shake.  He began to shiver.   Everyone knew Mrs. Thistleberry did not like little dogs.  Everyone knew Mrs. Thistleberry did not play stick.  Everyone knew Mrs. Thistleberry was a cat person!  But there she sat sipping tea.
But, what was this?  Mrs. Thistleberry smiled!  She stroked Little Dog’s head and said
 “Merry Christmas Little Dog.”
She handed him a bone all tied up with red string.  Little dog sputtered.  Little Dog stared …but mostly Little Dog took the bone and danced around the room!   
  Little Dog looked at the tree all lit and sparkly.  He looked out the window at the fluffy white snow.  Maybe Christmas wasn’t so bad after all.
That night as he drifted off to sleep, the chubby man in the red suit slipped down the chimney and filled each stocking.    As he was leaving, he patted little Dog’s head.
 “Merry Christmas Little Dog.”
And so it was.


Little Dog and I thank you for your support of his new book, for reading the blog
and for visiting us from time to time.
We wish you a
 and look forward to seeing you in 2014!

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