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Monday, July 15, 2013


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Have you heard of FIVERR.COM ?
If not, you must check it out.
Fiverr is a website similar in nature to Etsy.  You visit seller storefronts
and for $5, can purchase a "gig."  A gig is a service that the seller will provide to you
within a set time.  Sounds pretty fun right?  Well, you ain't seen
nothin' yet...
These women in India will put your message on their heads then dance for you
for $5, and send you the video.
For a mere $5 bill, you can hire someone to design a logo, handout 200 flyers- that say whatever you want -in China.  For a "fiverr" you can have a photo drawn in pen and ink.  You can have a guy in Bulgaria toss a frisbee to his dog with your business name or any message you choose on it.  The dog will then retrieve it for the camera and you will receive a video of it.  There's a woman who will film herself wearing a banana suit shouting your message.
Several people will read tea leaves and reveal your future.  Tons of people will make
short stop motion films with your message.  Voice-overs, balloons with your name/message, pets that do tricks, artists who will draw/paint for you and ALL FOR $5. 
It's like the Dollar Store of services!!!  And if nothing else, it's fascinating to see what people will do for 5 bucks.  Seriously.
write your name with tennis balls in a tennis court
This guy will spell out your message in tennis balls.
Everything is super well organized into neat/tidy (my personal fave),
business, advertising, graphic design, music/audio, animation etc.  Did I mention each gig is only $5?
One woman will have Justin Timberlake hold your message for least it LOOKS like Justin....
There are people willing to give you a foreign language lesson for $5, pass out flyers to 300 people, or have their parrot speak your message...on video, just one of many animal tricks available using dogs, cats, hamsters etc.
insert a picture of you in the cosby show
Don't like your relatives?  Here, a man will add you into the Cosby family.
Fascinating, what $5 will still buy.

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