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Monday, July 8, 2013

coconut oil

The many uses of coconut oil! I use it for just about everything!

Image from Rawforbeauty
Much like vinegar, coconut oil is the darling of DIY-ers everywhere.
There is almost NOTHING it can't do, nothing it can't fix and nothing it can't make
is a fun site with lots of ways to incorporate things you probably have on hand
into your daily recipes or skin care routine.
As far as coconut oil goes, I can attest to it's usefulness.  I use it in cooking to replace butter from time to time, on my skin as a fabulous moisturizer, as a hair conditioner, on bug bites to contol itching, on dry skin...the list goes on and on.  Mix it with some sugar for a super skin scrub.
Check Raw for Beauty....lots of fun ideas.

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