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Wednesday, May 22, 2013



Generally speaking, I don't do a lot of changing.
I've lived in my house for 30 years.  I've been married to the farmer for 30 years.
I've had the same friends all my life.
I've belonged to the same church for 30 years.

But every now and then, I like little shoes, different window treatments,
new hobbies, and today a NEW (old) BLOG!

I started blogging as Farm and Fru Fru in 2010. 
Then I changed the name to Sharon Stanley Writes when I began writing in earnest.
But I missed the farm part.

Writers are told they need to "brand" themselves.  That's very important.
So I figured I needed to make a change that included my name.
But I missed the fru-fru part.
So I've decided to return to Farm and Fru Fru.
Needless to say, I will continue to write my little children's books and will include
any updates about that here.  But I will also include my Farm and Fru Fru "adventures" too.
And since my writing seems to be either about farm or fru fru,
 Farm and Fru Fru seems seems me.
My FB page is changing names too.  Check it out and invite your pals.
A few readers emailed to ask what's been happening lately.
Lots of new things to write about!  I am now gallbladder-less,  am learning new ways to eat and am trying new recipes.   I've taken a couple of new art classes,
am working on a holistic nutrition course, took a writing class, and am making a rabbit.
And I have a new job.

I am trying my hand at bookkeeping... for the farmer.  That 30 year marriage thing may end early after all.  I am mathematically challenged.  This does not make the farmer happy.  But he is  tolerating my many errors with relatively good grace, therefore so far/so good.
I'm looking forward to seeing you each week here at the new (old)
Farm and Fru Fru. 


  1. I like the new look, sharon! Congratulations on the new (old) blog. And welcome to the Gallbladder-less club!

  2. We need to collaborate on a children's book about farms!

  3. Love the new look and I'd like a pair of those stylin' farm pants! Excited to learn all the new things you'll have to share - including how you are 'making' a rabbit!

    1. Comfort, Julie, rules the day when it comes to pants....or shirts, and especially shoes!

      Delete happy to hear from you.........