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Thursday, October 4, 2012



Today, I am so excited to welcome Fashion Kitty to be my guest as my
First Friday Feature...
Thanks to Charise Harper, Fashion Kitty agreed to answer some questions about her style.  I
must admit I feel a bit under-dressed given her fashion sense.

1. I love fashion, Fashion Kitty, tell me how you came to enjoy it?. Fashion is like a really great book cover. When you see a book cover that catches your eye you want to know more about the book. You're intrigued, you think, What is that book about? The same goes for fashion, only with fashion you aren't stuck with one book cover - everyday you can be different. It's a creative expression, and I love it.
2. I notice you wear a lot of purple, is it your favorite color?
Purple is a great color! It's my favorite today, but I like change, so who knows - tomorrow I might be wearing blue.
3 I know your little sister Lana Kitty was in a birthday book is she handling fame?
 Lana is a complete original, but if you read her book then you probably know that already. She doesn't care one bit about fame, or what anyone else thinks. She is definitely the boss of her own fashion.
4. Who is your favorite fashion idol?
 My favorite fashion idol. That's a hard one. I like everything to do with fashion, so it's hard to pick only one person. I admire anyone who goes stands up for what they believe in. I like that show Project Runway, because all those young designers are so creative, talented and determined. You have to love someone who can make an outfit out of a few party hats and some straws - that's amazing!
5. Your creator is Charise you know if she has any new books coming anytime soon?
Well she has a new Just Grace book coming out in October, Just Grace Star On Stage - it's a good one! And then in the spring there is a new Wedgieman adventure (Wedgieman To The Rescue), and a new graphic novel series called Bean Dog & Nugget. She's pretty busy. Plus she makes her kids lunch everyday - can you believe that?

Charise Harper
Fashion Kitty's creator lives with her family in New York.  She is the author of lots of
children's books including the

and many other cute cute books.  Charise recently updated her Website which
includes tons of fun activities for each of her books...It's just such a fun site.
Her Latest Just Grace book is due out
this month!
Thanks so much for sharing Fashion Kitty with all of us.
Follow Charise on her Website,  and her blog.

I'm away in WATERFORD today and hope to have
some photos for you next week....Next to home, Waterford may just be
the best place in the whole world.
Happy Weekend everyone...pick a pumpkin!

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