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Monday, October 22, 2012


If you are anything like me, you like being organized....or maybe the IDEA
of being organized.
Design Sponge recently offered a little DIY project using simple materials
(always best) you probably already have on hand....if not the exact
things, a suitable substitute.

Using a simple berry carton, some index cards and photos or postcards
(or even colored card stock) for dividers, you can make the cutest
little filing system for yourself....

...or a gift.
The actual DIY used the file as a journal of sorts with 12 dividers
each representing a month, 30 index cards per month.  You write one
little thing for each day...just one line.  Next year, you do the same
and continue on for as many years as you like.  Such a fun idea, maybe even for
a child.

Personally, I just think the presentation is cute and think
it could be used for recipes, story ideas, calling cards, addresses
or any number of other ideas....add yours to the comments if
you like.
To see step by step instructions, visit
The simplest ideas are best!

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