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Friday, August 10, 2012

Road Trip Treat Box

When I was a child and a vacation was planned, my great aunt would take a shoe box and fill it with treats....fruit, trinkets, candy, pencils, crayons etc, and give one to me and one to my brother.  It was our favorite part of the vacation experience.

who loves tiny things as much as me, has come up with a new take on
the old shoe box treat box...
I picked up these  photos from Pinterest.  The little boxes can be bought
from Michael's or Wal-Mart and are meant for cross-stitch thread or beads and cost like $2.59 each.  They are PERFECT for tiny treats....candies, tiny trinkets, little post-it note size note pads, marbles, jacks, (does anyone play jacks anymore?), mini-figs, balloons, etc.

It's really fun to see what you can find to fit into the little squares.
Even if you are not going to travel and don't need a treat box for a child (or friend!) you can adapt this idea for any sort of gift giving occasion....showers, teacher appreciation, treats for friends, anything at all.  Maybe you want to use a certain color combo like this:

You can also get boxes with bigger compartments if you prefer.

  Your child might enjoy shopping with you and giving this as a unique (and inexpensive) birthday gift for a friend as well.  The possibilities are just endless.

For more fun ideas using teeny-weenies, visit Amy Power's site at the above link.

Sorry to be late with this post, but I took a fun trip today to my cousin's beautiful house on the Chesapeake Bay....I was in heaven.
A fun update to my giveaway.  The winner of the book/nook tote is.....
Yay Candice!  Now you can tote Rebel around wherever you to!


  1. Very cute idea, I will have to try to remember when my daughter is a wee bit older. :) Thanks!

  2. I LOVE this idea!

    (and my hubby is from Maryland - Chesapeake Bay sounds heavenly right now)

  3. I love the Chesapeake Bay more than the ocean, so much more interesting . . . spent my childhood going to Breezy Point, Chesapeake Beach. Those treat boxes are adorable--cheaper and bigger than those bento box things. I am THRILLED I won!

  4. My sisters box was bigger than mine. I usually got rocks in mine.

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........