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Friday, July 6, 2012

First Friday Features - Zoe!

Heather Dickinson is a talented author/illustrator who
has written a u-Tale called
It's a precious story expertly written and one any child would
identify with and enjoy.  I asked Heather to see if Zoe would be willing to answer a few questions
for my First Friday Feature this month and she kindly agreed to let me question her.
1. Zoe, now that you have your own book, does Ted treat you differently?
    Ted and I just seem to have lots of fun whatever is going on so especially now as I have Pumpkin and Ted always has Crumpet to play with.
2.  That was a BIG orange you think you will try and find another kitten anytime soon?
     Now I have Pumpkin I don't want any other kitten but I'll always love tigers.

3. Your creator, Heather she a cat or dog person?
   As  far as I know Heather Dickinson loves all animals but especially cats and lemurs.
4. Does she have any other books in the works?
    Yes she is working on a story about blueberry muffins.
5.  Sounds yummy.  Blueberry muffins are my fave!    Zoe, since your BIG orange kitty went to his new home, do you see him often?
     We go to the zoo and see our tiger friend very often but he has so many friends there I don't think he misses us very much.
I'm sure he does, but it sounds like it worked out all around.  Thanks to you and to Heather for your interview. 

If you would like to read Heather's book at u-Tales, click the link above and check it out.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Next week, I will be having another special guest on the blog....Sue Fliess has a new book out called
and I will be reviewing the book on July sure and stop by.
Also, since it's summer, I have decided to do a special selection of blog posts.  I will run a post Monday - Friday of next week.  Believe it or not, I've had several people ask me what
Farm and Fru Fru is.  Farm and Fru Fru is the name of my sporatic craft/art business where I make little things and sell was also the name of my blog before I changed it to Sharon Stanley Writes.  I wrote about crafts and farm-y things.  Since newer readers have not read the Farm and Fru Fru posts, I have decided to pick 4 of my faves and run them next if you didn't read the FFF blog, be sure to stop by each day for a bit of farm humor....and no, I don't make this stuff up....for those who read FFF, bear with me....
    Have a great weekend!

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