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Monday, July 9, 2012

To Blog or Not to Blog...

This is the first in my "Farm and Fru Fru Re-visited" other words
"Sharon is taking a vacation...or stay-cation rather and is too lazy to blog this week."
It attempts to explain why I decided to blog.

Originally posted Jan, 2010

I decided last summer I wanted to blog...I had stuff to say and a blog was the place to say it. I had ideas, thoughts, a life, and I just knew there were people out there with one thought in see what I was thinking. I had plans...big plans that involved a website, selling many many crafty items, sharing recipes, patterns, ideas and beautiful farm photos. I pictured myself the next "farm chick" or "pioneer woman".....clever, chic even.

Then the work began. I dug through my recipes, started taking farm photos and crafted till my little fingers could craft no more. I thought of ideas until my head hurt. Somewhere around September I decided blogging might not be for me.

To begin with, most of my recipes involve beef, jello and/or canned biscuits. My craft ideas are RARELY my own, my patterns are cut from paper bags and I have no idea how to get the bags onto the computer. The farm, while lovely to me, has no beautiful landscape, never a clean cow to be seen, and generally several tractor tires/parts sitting around. While a skilled photographer could probably make something of that, I confess it is far beyond my photography skill level. If by chance I took an interesting photo, I would have to call my long-suffering brother to show me how to put it on my blog. To add insult to injury, my brain freezes up (due in part to advancing age I am sure) when I try to string more than three sentences together...and that is when speaking. When I try to type out what I am thinking, I forget what I am thinking before I can type it.

All that said, I have decided to persevere and give it a try anyway. I have nothing to lose,(but a bit of dignity)  it costs nothing, and perhaps the challenge will be good for me. But, be warned: This will more than likely be a blog about nothing. I realize now that while in reality I am indeed a "farm chick", I have NO "farm chic" and never will. I have no real interest in becoming the next "pioneer woman" even though I love her blog and encourage you to visit it if you have not already. While I like the IDEA of selling lots and lots of pretty crafty items, I have neither the patience, skill or real commitment to craft them. Instead, I will muddle along crafting my little crafts occasionally, looking at OTHER crafty people's blogs, photos and crafts, and when I run upon something I think you will enjoy, I will share it with you.  It will also be a really good way to practice writing, which I need to do if I ever hope to write something to in a children's in to publish.

And if by chance I should see a really good clean cow around here, and the sun happens to be setting behind it, and it is not standing too close to the shell of a "tractor that was", I will photograph it and share it with you ...if my camera battery is charged...and my brother stops by.


  1. just reading this post makes me want to follow your blog. I think maybe we were separated at birth... :)
    Happy Monday,

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........