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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Writer's Inspiration

Inspiration can be found in lots and lots of places.  But how do we remember what we have seen?
An inspiration board is a great way to keep those images in front of you.

This holds true for anyone, but especially a writer.
Maybe you heard a great quote you want to keep, or a really good character name.

something in a magazine triggered a story idea and you want to tack it up where it can
be a reminder. 

 Perhaps you like a pretty piece of ribbon or piece of
wrapping paper.  A paint chip, a friend's calling card.

Everyone can use an inspiration board.  And all you need is a cork board or a ribbon board.

And if you don't have a cork board, just tack up some twine and use clothespins
to hang your inspiration pieces.
So fun!

Lastly, to celebrate Children's Book Week, 7 authors from
are blogging each day this week about various things of interest to other
authors and those interested in children's's the list...
think of it as a little mini class!


  1. I love the inspiration board idea, Sharon! Thanks for the post and for the great pictures.


    1. Thanks Mayra...I use mine all the much so it spills onto the wall and the desk and the floor....!

  2. I love this idea, too. I am about to move, but I plan on having one in my next place - much better than all the post-its I lose, and can be aesthetically pleasing like your examples!

  3. I really love these photos. I used to have something like this before we moved and haven't bought a house yet, so I keep waiting for something more permanent. But there's a wall in the kitchen. . .:) Thanks for inspiring me.

    1. Thanks board needs a good cleaning!

  4. Hi Sharon,

    What a great and ingenious way to write down our inspirations. I am going to put this idea into practical application. Thanks so much.

    Nicole Weaver
    Trilingual Children's Author

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........