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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More fru fru than farm.......this time

As I mentioned in an earlier post, every so often I get this urge....
to try something new.
It's not that I'm bored....
I don't really get bored or 
 understand people who get bored...
It's more a restlessness....
 like there is so much out there to do,
I see something I really like and think....
I have GOT to try that.
Well, it's happened again.

The first thing I ever remember actually asking for
was a ring.
I was 5.
I am sure I had asked for things before, but this is the first thing I really remember wishing for.
I got one for Christmas.
I still have it.
I've worn jewelry,  bought jewelry,  made jewelry, coveted jewelry....
now I am going to sell  jewelry.
I've been to "jewelry parties" before...different brands...
Not really my thing...nothing wrong with it,  it just all looked pretty much the same to me.
So no one is more surprised than me that now, I am CHOOSING to sell jewelry.
But this is different.
This is jewelry that looks like something I would make....if I had a talent for it.
This is jewelry that has a little quirkiness to it, a little kick.
It has a unique look, like something you would buy in a boutique, and I LOVE it!
This, is Stella and Dot.
I am very excited!  I will keep you up to date on
what is coming......
In the mean time, check out my new stella and dot website...

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