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Thursday, April 7, 2011

She's Feeling Creative Again....

So, Spring has sprung and maybe you are feeling like you need a new creative project.
If you know me at all you know that I love a NEW project.  I don't have
as much "sticktuitiveness" as I "should", but I can't help it...there are so many fun things out
there to try I just want to try as many as possible.
I need guidance.
I look to books, blogs and magazines for projects, new ideas, new creative endeavors.

Katherine Dunn inspires many ways...her blog, her farm, her dedication to animals, people
and her art.   Though we are only "bloggy friends",  her sincerity shows through so clearly in her art, it is easy to admire not only her work, but her
as a person.
   I was so excited when she wrote this book.  It truly is a guide to finding your
OWN creativity...
Check out her new book trailer on the above link,
then consider trying something new this Spring...
The book is available on her Apifera Farm site and at
Have a great weekend!

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