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Monday, December 6, 2010

Pino Needs Help

You may recall that I was one of

has one of the kindest hearts of anyone I know of, and has decided to
adopt three more rescue donkeys (see above link for story) from Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue.
Doing so is not cheap.
As one of Pino's Pie Ambassadors, I would like to help
Katherine raise a little money for her cause.
You might recall that I recently participated in a local trunk show and
as luck would have it, had four cute little aprons left over!

I would like to sell these aprons (which would arrive just in time for Christmas!)
and send the proceeds (100%) to Apifera for Katherine's
Adoption Project.
The aprons are handmade with a handtowel,
a fabric ruffle, rick-rack and ribbon.  They are really practical for
anyone who likes to cook because you can use the towel to wipe your hands AND
keep your clothes clean! 
If you are interested in helping Katherine and Pino
adopt the three needly little donks by purchasing one of these four little
aprons, please email me at
and I will happily send one your way just as
soon as I receive your check.
I am selling the aprons for $17.00 each
plus $3 shipping.
If aprons are not your thing, do check out the
and see the other donation opportunities and
Katherine's latest book.
Thanks a bunch!

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