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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gundrun Sjoden

I have a new love.......Gudrun Sjoden...

A Womenswear and Home Decor business based in Stockholm Sweden.  Grab a cup of tea and some cake
and prepare to be dazzled by not only the colorful photography, but the sounds and texture of this website.

I am an earth tone kinda gal, but this company makes me want to grab a rainbow.

Don't stop at the clothes though, be sure you spend time in the Home Decor area.
The company goal is
"to make colorful clothes and home textiles in natural materals with an emphasis on scandinavian design..."
I have clothes envy....pillow envy...and I LOVE the photo of the woman with the sticks growing out of her head...
(It's really a crown made from steel wire and sticks by Caterina Benassi)


  1. I love Gudrun Sjoeden. The catalogs are superb and I've actually ordered a thing or two from her collection. The company has an outlet in Germany and one day, I'll go.

  2. I just found this company and I am smitten! I should have guessed you would know them Kathrin! You are on the cutting edge!!!

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........