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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


As you may remember, recently I have had some......technical problems....
First, someone hacked into my email address and sent pharmaceutical advertisements to my contact list....again and again and again.....forcing me to get a new address.
Then my eldest farmhand wished to purchase my laptop (too tight to purchase a new one) so I bought a mini
which I am just, just beginning to become familiar with...
To add insult to injury, my camera died and could not be fixed, so I purchased a new Nikon Coolpix, and am trying to learn to use that.  Lastly, both our cordless phones died, and we had to get new phones.  I said it before and I'll repeat it...I am in some sort of Tech HELL.  My only tech help, my long-suffering brother, is extremely busy with the first couple weeks of school AND cleaning out my father's garage for a sale of 1,000,000 tools for my mother, so I have tried not to bother him anymore than I can possibly help...all is lost when it comes to communication here at Farm and Fru-Fru.
I HAVE used the time away from all things technical to take care of some LOW tech business...more mending.
Mind you, I never said I was good at it, but there is something very relaxing about sitting and stitching even if it is a very well-worn garment not really worth saving. 
The repetition of stitching around and around the tear is soothing to my tech-worn soul and before I know it, I have forgotten that my new camera does not operate like my old one, and I find that I really do not
care after all if my pictures are a little fuzzy...I am sitting on my porch in the coolest breeze since last May with a pile of ragged shirts that a normal person would not even use as rags...the computer is humming nicely inside doing it's own thing and I did not even bother to bring the cordless phone outside....and yet, I am surviving....who knew in this day and age that was possible?


  1. That is not mending....that is designer shabby chic. Cost you a bomb in London. Sometimes its good to have techy trouble just to remember how it used to be!

  2. this kind of stuff is so good, not least on our favorite overalls or denim jackets, you inspire me to make a post on this !

  3. Thanks so much for these pictures! Love your mended garments.
    Why do technical disasters always happen at the same time? Do they communicate?

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........