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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


                               If you have been a Farm and Fru Fru reader for any length of time,   
you know that I like hand stitching.  You will also recall that the farmer is
not one to" quit on a garment" once it comes into his possession.  This is why this
union has lasted 27 years.....I mend.  I used to hate mending
when I used my sewing machine and tried sewing through 6 layers of denim or
tissue paper thin chambray, but since I began mending my hand, I actually
like it....a lot. 
It's a good thing....with summer rapidly coming to and end, the farmer is
trying to squeeze that last little bit of good out of each and every blue chambray shirt, every pair
of khaki shorts.

  Just when I think he has managed to wear the
worst he has, he finds something worse to wear.  I believe in
recycling as much as the next person, but the farmer takes his effort of use up THEN
throw out to the our house, the Goodwill is unnecessary...his shirts and
pants go straight from his back to the rag bag. 
Just sayin....

1 comment:

  1. You are a master mender! Love the image. You can always make a pillowcase once the garment becomes "unwearable". Look here:
    The image on their homepage looks quite similar to the farmers mended piece. And don't forget, it'll fetch some nice money in about 100 years....
    Can we see some more pictures of your mendings? Pretty please?

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........