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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Farmer.....loses his mind

Farm and Fru Fru is in a rural area with tiny little country roads.  We are, therefore blessed (?) with lots and lots of people who come out from the city to bicycle and enjoy the scenery and small town goodness.  For some years now, it has been a mixed blessing.  Certainly bicyclists have just as much right to the roads as anyone else, but the farmer and both farmhands have been cussed at, spit on, and flipped off more times than anyone can count due to the fact that tractors and farm equipment are very large and cycles very small...  When they meet on the road, someone sometimes has to take the ditch.  Cyclists are more than welcome to ride through the farm, but often they do so at their own  peril.  Add that to the fact that the bikes often try to beat the large equipment by hurrying through stop signs, ignoring stop lights etc, and lets just say the farmer is not a fan of the bike.
And so it was that over the weekend, the farmer was ambling through town in his pickup when a cyclist ignored a stop sign and, thinking the farmer would yield, headed for the side of his truck.  The farmer however, did NOT yield and the biker had to slam on breaks to avoid a collision.  Glancing in the rearview mirror, the farmer saw the biker throw his arms up  in disgust before racing off down a side street.
Now, this is when things took an.....odd......turn.  The farmer lost his mind.
Right in the middle of town, on a Saturday morning when everyone was shopping, milling around, eating outside etc... the farmer did a the middle of the street...and proceeded to CHASE the biker  coming to an abrupt stop IN FRONT OF HIM, blocking the way COPs style.
After a bit of went on their way....I won't go into details.  The farmer is a LARGE man, the biker was not....whether it was that or just the surprise of finding himself and his bike blocked by a 3/4 ton truck, the biker apologized and all was well.
I, however, almost fainted when this tale was told.  This is so unlike the farmer that I worry for any unsuspecting bikers who might now find themselves on our road.....and I am thinking I should sell my own bike.

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