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Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Mention...Pure Green

is a brand spanking new E-Zine published by
The premier issue is up and FREE for you to read at your leisure.  I am delighted by the
photos, articles and eye-candy that I can read and re-read all for free and at
my finger-tips on line.  The photography is beautiful and there are so many fun ideas you will hardly know which one to try first.  It is my Monday Mention for today so trot on over and read yourself silly!

Which brings me to another thing....I love being entertained by people's  blogs and things I find on the web, but sometimes I am impressed with the amount I can learn while reading them as well.
Such is the case with Pure Green Design.  Celine did a most informative article about the chemicals that are in our personal care can read the entire article here, and I suggest you do so as soon as possible.  I tend to think if they put it in a jar and sell it for me to use on my face, hair or mouth, it must be safe...this is NOT always the case...Apparently chemicals that are known carcinogens or are toxic in some way are regularly used in many of the personal care products we use everyday.  I also believed that even if some of the ingredients were....questionable...they were used in such small quantities that they were harmless...according to some of the things I have since read, this might be true, but when these questionable ingredients show up in our shampoo, conditioner, deoderant, toothpaste, 6 kinds of makeup, 4 types of face cream, hairspray and on and on and on...the "small quantities" add up, and therein lies the problem.
Celine has done an excellent job on this subject and offers a link to Skin Deep, a cosmetic safety data base where you can type in the names of items you use everyday and see how they rank on the toxic scale.

She also links to the website where you can watch Annie Leonard's The Story Of Cosmetics (while you're there, watch The Story of Stuff too!) and offers you a free downloadable pocket guide of the 12 worst chemicals to avoid...
It's really been eye-opening to read up a bit on this and I urge you to check out
the above links and give some thought to what personal care products
you choose...then you can make an informed decision.

Stay tuned for more news about the new
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