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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Farmer's New Idea

I've mentioned before that we are having an extremely hot
and dry summer. 
Wells are drying up, crops are dying, pastures have no
grass and temperatures have reached unprecedented highs.
The farmer had an idea.  He calls it killing two birds with
one stone.  What I call it is not printable....suffice it to say I do not
think animals should be pastured in the....
front yard.
The farmer says we are:
feeding grass to the hungry calf and donkey...
cutting the grass without using a power mower, thus being "green"....
I like being "green"...I really do....but i think this is taking our green sensibilities too far....


  1. Oh yeah, green AND brown at the same time. Did he try to tell you that the cow pies will help fertilize the lawn?

  2. what do you think suzanne????....of course he did!

  3. At least he doesn't want to bring them in the house to cool off in the a/c....

  4. We used to let our horse graze in the front yard - less money for feed and no mowing required. You just have to do a "poop patrol" now and then :)

  5. Your front yard looks very picturesque with donkey, calf and your pretty white house and the red roof. Is that the front porch where you sit and stitch?

  6. yes kathrin..when it is not 100 like today!

  7. gotta do what ya' gotta do! you certainly are thinking!!

  8. I love the fact that the donkey is tied to a tire... makes it look even more homey ^_~

  9. No, I love it! I'm with the Farmer on this one!

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........