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Monday, June 7, 2010

The forlorn little stool

Once there was a little stool that lived under a table, behind a cupboard on the second floor of a very hot thrift store.  It was a forlorn little stool that longed to be adopted by someone who could see it's hidden's very hidden beauty;  someone who would take it home and put it to good use. 

The forlorn little stool lived under the table, behind the cupboard on the second floor of the very hot thrift store until one Sunday, a rather ditsy woman, digging through junk on the second floor of the very hot thrift store spotted the little stool.
"Oh my"  said the ditzy woman out loud to no one in particular...
"You are just  what I have been searching and searching for little stool.  I shall take you home to live with me at farm and fru fru.   I have a lovely piece of light blue fabric I have been saving for a little stool like yourself, and I will use it to make you some brand new clothes.  Then you will be beautiful once more!"
So the rather ditzy woman paid the tiny amount for the forlorn little stool, placed it in the back of her little red truck and went home to farm and fru fru.  All the way home, the forlorn little stool thought about the beautiful light blue fabric and the new clothes and could hardly contain it's excitement! 
"I will be the most handsome stool you most ever saw in my new clothes made of beautiful light blue fabric," thought the little stool..."and I will never have to live under a table behind a cupboard on the second floor of a hot thrift store again!"
So the ditzy woman painted the little stool's legs a lovely shade of robin's egg  blue and prepared to make the new clothes.
But what do you think?  She did not have enough of the lovely fabric!
"What shall I do now forlorn little stool?  I do not have enough pretty fabric to make new clothes like I promised." 

The little stool contemplated this problem, and being an inventive little stool, and not one to let a little thing like not enough fabric prevent new clothes, said
"that's ok, I can wear patches!  That would please me greatly!"
And so the ditzy woman sewed together many tiny little patches of fabric until she had just the right amount to cover the forlorn little stool with a brand new suit of clothes.
"Oh my!" cried the little stool.  "I am no longer forlorn!  I am a beautiful little stool!"
"Indeed you are."  said the ditzy woman...
"And now I shall take you to the little cinder block shed in the country where you shall live happily every after."
And so she did.

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  1. Dear cute little stool... you are welcome to come stay with Aunt Lolly ANYTIME... HUGS.

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........