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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Little People/RAKW/Coffee Filters

As I have said before, I do not sew well.  I like handsewing though and enjoyed making these little people for a trunk show I was doing back in the fall.  These little ones were left and I was packing them away yesterday and decided to take their photo before they got packed away.  I read an article in Martha Stewart about a woman who worked for her and made beautiful things and I was inspired to try some dolls of my own.  Her name is Laura Normandin and   is her blog.  She is incredible and I highly recommend you check out her work.  She makes all her dolls and animals from scratch.  I, however ordered "doll blanks" and then just made clothes and shoes for them.  I also made each doll a  rabbit from white felt which I have misplaced...maybe they will multiply while they are missing and I won't have to make more!  When I made the doll's dresses, I thought they looked cold, so I made them sweaters or coats because I don't like being cold.

Lori Marie at Pretty Little Things announced it is Random Acts of Kindness Week.  That's nice.  We need a week of kindness I think.  So go be kind...randomly.

I have been so remiss this week in posting coffee filter tips...I think I will post 3 today to make up...
COFFEE FILTER TIP#9:  Separate fine china by putting a filter between each plate for storing.
COFFEE FILTER TIP#10:  Line a plant pot with a filter to keep soil from leaking through the drainage hole.
COFFEE FILTER TIP#11:  Use a filter as a easy-tear sewing backing when you are embroidering or appliqueing on soft fabric.
Happy Random Acts of Kindness Week.....


  1. Me thinks thou are too humble. Do not insult true non sewers like myself who use stitch glue and hem magic. I have seen your work and you are mistress of the thread. In the above photo I do not see the doll inspired by yours truly. Perhaps she flew your coop like MTM, headed for the big city, turning the world on with her smile and big hair.

  2. Sharon, From someone who know dolls look easy to make but are harder than they appear, I think your are great. You are so very extremely creative.

  3. Sharon,
    As I read this today it came to me that maybe you had a thought of what to do with an old tin ceiling tile from RMC. Most of the paint is scraped off or had peeled off. I have seen them painted with scrip initials etc but this one has a raised pattern in the tin...any thoughts on how/where to use to jazz it up??? Anything wounld be welcomed...Corinne

  4. Thanks for the comments! Corinne..I've seen several things done with them. One is, like you said to put initials or a word in the can then tie a really oversized bow to hang it...or hang it on a diagonal and put the initials that way (corner at the top). I've seen a knob or hook in the center which might work for you if it has a raised design in the center..then you can hang something from it. also, people put mirrors in the center...either glue the mirror in the center or cut the center out and glue the mirror on the back so the tile frames it...just some thoughts, lucky you, a rmc keepsake!

  5. Your dolls are lovely. The clothes and details are just right! So cheerful and happy. Thanks for sharing these!

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........