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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Farm Couture

I got a package in the mail today.  It's a book I ordered called Alabama Studio Style and follows Natalie Chanin's first book Alabama Stitch which I have mentioned before.  I am very excited...I love Natalie Chanin's beautiful handstitched things and look forward to a good chair sit with the new book. 

I think it is particularly interesting that it came today.  One of the first things I read in the new book was about a neighbor who did not have a garbage can in her home as a child. She writes that the neighbor explained "...we used every scrap we could and what we could not use went for either compost or feeding the livestock..."  Natalie goes on to say what a beautiful concept this is, taking scraps from everyday life and giving them a new use.

I therefore offer up for her possible re-use, the farmer's coat.  Seen here in all it's glory, it is my belief that is has outlived it's usefulness as a coat.   Maybe Natalie could come up for a new use.  Maybe her neighbor would re-think that "no garbage can" approach to life. 

You see, the farmer is not one to quit on a garment.   He is not ready to get rid of his coat.  I was ready to "can" it 5 years ago.  But since it is one of his faves, I decided perhaps if I could "jazz" it up a little he could get a little more wear out of it. 

 I started with a simple tee-shirt flower.  It doesn't seem quite right to me..

Maybe a hat along with it would improve the look......maybe not.

  A jaunty scarf?   Not really his color. 

The sad truth is, the farmer likes the coat just as it is.  He really does.  I am not making this up.His defense is that  he does not wear it "out", as in out to eat, out to the movies.   He has a closet full of good work coats, but he keeps this one around "just in case".  Just in case of what?  A nuclear disaster?  Hobo convention?  It comes  "back in style"?  I don't know. 

Today, he brought the "coat", or what's left of it, in to be washed.  It survived...much to my dismay.  For your viewing pleasure, I took it's picture.  If I ever write a book I think I will call it Farm Style and put this on the cover.   I really think he is taking recycle, reuse, reduce a little too far.
Maybe I will send it to Natalie Chanin.  What do you think?

ADDENDUM:  My brother thinks if Brad Pitt wears the coat it will improve it's looks....Anyone agree?


  1. Sharon,

    I think the idea of a book cover is great. Unfortunately if you send it to Natalie Chanin she will make it look "nice" and then the farmer will be just as disappointed as if you threw it away. Fill us in on whatever becomes of it. Thanks for the morning laugh. Jamie

  2. My old boss had a coat similar to this and we waited till he went out of town and threw it was awful and he wouldnt part with it, we had to do something, he was running off customers in that thing, LOL!

  3. My husband has that same problem, but with a pair of shoes. Of cousre he has some nice, new ones he wears for work, but he just can't seem to put the old ones in the garbage(he will not let me throw then away)I think if you can you sould make it into a jean blanket.

  4. well, I must admit I have some of the same habit like your farmer, not least with overalls ! it is somehow an emotional thing, you more or less get "married" with the overalls or jacket, and I must also admit that my wife thinks I am taking it too far ! I have started to be not going too far ! just to avoid trouble !:)

  5. I laughed so hard when I read this post. Love your sense of humor and your writing.
    P.S. The coat is wonderful. Think Boro Textiles!

  6. thanks everyone...amd annekata...since i am now a big fan of your fun site, i am thinking this goes farm beyond anything i can do with handsewing, how bout you?! thanks again...

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........