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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Originally posted February 14, 2010
Jubel and Sweetheart  are an unusual couple.  Odd even.  They are not exactly the very best of friends.  At first, they found it difficult to embrace one another's distinctions.   The longer they are together however, the more they seem to rely on each other for company, companionship and yes even friendship.  At first, their relationship was fraught with peril.  Jubel was resentful that a new creature had invaded his pasture, his personal space, and his snacks.  He chased,  nudged, kicked and even bit the little calf at every turn.  Jubel could have cared less that the little brown and white calf had a perfect white heart on his forehead.  At the time, the calf was very tiny, only a couple weeks old, but all the same he gave as good as he got.  It wasn't long before Sweetheart landed a good one right on Jubel's head.  That took care of any remaining doubt as to whether Sweetheart could take care of himself. 

 I think  people are like that.  Sometimes you have to get a "kick  in the head" and have someone yell "you cannot have ALL the animal crackers" to wake up and see you are being a ...."donkey".

Now, even though there are two little hutches in the pasture, Jubel and Sweetheart generally share one.  They both seem to realize there is safety in numbers, and warmth.  When animal crackers are served, Jubel doesn't try to get them all...he waits patiently while Sweetheart gets his share...usually.  I wonder sometimes if Jubel knows Sweetheart grows bigger by the day and will one day be three times his size, or if he has just decided to accept him into his "herd" and enjoy the benefits of having a friend.  I don't know.

I guess the moral of this unusual little Valentine's story is...don't wait for a "kick in the head" to share your animal crackers...even if you live with a "...donkey..." 

 Have a lovely Valentine's Day from Farm and Fru Fru.


  1. Ahhhh. Best Valentine's Day story. Ever.

  2. Just spent my 32nd Valentine's Day with hubby..the man is truly a "donkey" but he's all mine!

    Hope your Valentine's was a good one.

  3. Loved your Valentine's story. Animals can teach us so much.

  4. ohmygoodness, this is such a cute story... i'll be linking for sure :)

  5. It's so great how you live on a farm. Jubel is the perfect name for a donkey.

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........