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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Day style

So how was your Valentine's Day?  Were you pampered and gifted and are you full of chocolate and dinner out?  Does the scent of roses hang in the air at your house?  When you think of the top 5 Valentine's gifts, chances are Muck Boots don't make the list.   But this is Farm and Fru Fru...and the farmer didn't get the Top 5 Valentine's Day Gifts memo.

Yessir, I am the proud owner of a brand spanking new pair of genuine superior 10" women's waterproof rubber and neoprene constructed slip resistant size 7 Muck Boots.  Having tried them out already, I can assure you rose is not the scent that hangs in the air at our house.  These are, indeed superior boots.

A little back story:  We have been experiencing an unusually cold and snowy winter here at Farm and Fru Fru this year.  The farmer got new boots, both farmhand 1 and farmhand 2 got new boots...but I, the farmer's wife, the mother of both farmhands, had only rubber boots.  (I also have some of those fake Uggs, but they are not waterproof so they don't count).  Rubber boots are not warm.  I have layered 3 pairs of wool socks with the rubber wellies, and still no warmth.  None.

I "mentioned" this several times this week to the farmer...and I tried to no avail to order new boots...nice warm snow boots, but apparently so did everyone on the east coast because there were none to be found in my size and price range.  That's where the romantic part of the story comes in...if you can find ANYTHING romantic about Muck Boots, and I AM trying. The farmer went to his favorite shopping spot (Southern States) and...voila.....The Perfect Valentine's Gift. Perfect.  No more cold feet...these boots are soooo warm.

  No, not the first gift that comes to mind when one thinks of cupid, but I'll take warm feet this year over chocolate...and Eau de Muck over roses.

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  1. LOL....Oh this is so me and my hubby!My hubby was actually going to take me to a dog show, but we got snowed out. Our first date, he took me "coon huntin"! So, I completely understand about not recieveing one of the top 5 V-day gifts, LOL!

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........