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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I love the Anthropologie catalog.  It's weird, quirky, colorful and subs as really
good wrapping paper too.  I came across these candlesticks
in one from last year.  I wanted to make some (and did) which were really
fun to mess around with...but, get this, Antropologie was asking
$399. each.  That's THREE HUNDRED NINETY-NINE dollars.
They are fun and even a bit strange, but really?  $399?
I did not have the know-how to drill through the little thrifted goodies I found
(miss you Papa), but gorilla glue worked well for me.
Does anyone else find this price a bit much?
Do you ever find fun stuff in catalogs and make it yourself?


  1. I guess for the artist, their creativity is priceless, but in this case $399. I'd love to see your version of this when you are done!

  2. Yes, I do make my own things quite often because I look at things and think, "I could make that for much less!" And I have the satisfaction of knowing I made it! I would love to see your version of these! Please post them!

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........