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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


By now you know my ebook Olive Ann is alive, well and living at u-Tales.
While I wrote the words, it was  Barb Dragony who brought her to life with her simple, colorful and perfect illustrations.  I still don't know how she crawled into my brain and pulled her out crooked smile and all, but she did.  I asked her a few questions which she kindly agreed to answer.
1.  Barb, somehow you managed to reach into my tiny brain and give birth to Olive Ann...she is exactly the way i imagined.  When you take on a project, what do you rely on to bring a character to life?
It's all in the words. When I read the story, I begin to formulate what the character will look like and put them in their own little world. Sometimes and author can provide some insight as to what they were seeing…sometimes they leave it free and open to my interp. Either way, it's my job to see that the character is comes to life! I often give the characters "back stories"…sometimes it helps the development if I actually write out their characteristics, how they would react in a situation, who their friends are etc. Then I start drawing…and redrawing! And yes, sometimes even leaving it on my drawing table overnight and giving it a fresh eye the next day.
2.  Tell me about your drawing/painting it all done on computer, or do you work with paper?
I start at my drawing table with a sketch pad. I'll get a feel for the character and do some very loose story boards of how I think the pages/scenes will lay out. Next comes my tightly rendered sketches…these I scan into the computer. I use these as my templates to create the illustrations in either Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.
3.  What's next for you?
Hmmm…well, I'm always looking for a good story to illustrate! I enjoy bringing words to life! I have several stories in my head that I may try my hand at. My grandma was such an inspiration to me that I think it only fitting that my first story I attempt to write should be about her. Wish me luck!
Thanks Barb, not only for the interview, but for all your HARD, dedicated work to me and Olive Ann...We love you!!

Have a Happy Happy Thanksgiving...see you next week!


  1. Super interview with Barb and happy Thanksgiving.

    1. She is soooo talented Joanna! Have a great day of turkey tomorrow too, and thanks for the kind comment.

      Delete happy to hear from you.........