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Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Friday Feature....MARCY!

I am so excited to have a special visitor to the blog today....MARCY!  Marcy comes to us through Mark Weinstein and his U-Tales book of the same name.  I am including links to all Mark's books and sites below, and if you click the above you will be taken right to Mark's site and Marcy's U-Tale as I know you will want to rush right over after her interview and read all about her adventures.

For those who are not familiar with U-Tales, It is a Children's e-books site full of fabulous children's books for your electronic gear.   

If there is one thing I know a little about it's cows.  Briefly, Marcy lives a happy life on her farm until one day adventure finds her.  The above picture doesn't do her justice as it came out in black and white and I have NO idea why, but the very special one below was done just for her visit to the blog....

Apparently, Marcy fears her adoring public will hound her once they read her book and her interview so if you are out and happen to see a holstein cow wearing a red hat and sunglasses, please just nod and wave.  Recently, Marcy was able to leave the pasture long enough to give an interview about her recent adventure:

1. Marcy, now that you've seen the bigger world, how will they keep you down on the farm?

Farmer Jo refuses to let me take the pilot's license exam, so I'll only be flying in my dreams (barring I don't get stuck again).

2. Were you frightened way up there in the sky, you looked so calm?

Looking calm is how I deal with intense stress.

3. Do your pasture-mates treat you differently now that you are a celebrity and have your own book and all?

They let me have first crack at the hay pile.

4. Do you have more tales lined up or must you return to the business of milk-giving full-time?

I prefer milk-giving...there are lots of thirsty girls and boys out there!

5. Your creator, mark weinstein, does he have anything coming out in the near future?

Mark who? Ha ha! No, but seriously....

Marcy Marcy, Marcy!  For shame!  I know you love him....!

Mark, I appreciate you doing the footwork for this interview and Farmer Jo for allowing Marcy time away from grazing, milk-giving and cud-chewing to greet her public. Good luck with your future projects! Marcy's story is quirky and funny and everything a story about a cow's great adventure should be. Do check it out!

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  1. Hi Sharon, thanks for pushing Marcy on an unsuspecting public.

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........