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Friday, August 3, 2012

First Friday Features....Itsy Mitsy

Today for our First Friday Feature, I am so excited to welcome Itsy Mitsy to the blog.
  She comes to us via Elanna Allen, Author/Illustrator/annimator
currently living with her family in London.  This is Elanna's first book.

Itsy Mitsy is a little girl in bright green PJs who hates bedtime and decides to
run away....but first she must pack.  I caught up to her before bedtime.
1.  Itsy, being well... Itsy, were you scared at the thought of leaving home?
     I pretty much am very brave so I wasn't scared. Anyway, I had Mr. Roar and Puptart and Dad with me too so no beastie could even come close.
2.  How does it feel having your own book?
     Not just one book - I have lots of books on my bookshelf and some scattered around my room on the floor.
3.  Do you have plans for another?
     Another book or another time running away? Some times you just have to run away especially if   you want someone to chase you. So yes, I'm going to run away and have lots of other adventures.
4. Your creator draws...what is her favorite medium to work in?
    Someone just told me to say pencil and digital color. I don't know what that means.
5.  What is your least favorite food and your most favorite past time?
     Everyone doesn't like brussel sprouts but I do like dress up and pretend. I like bananas too. 

Itsy Mitsy has her very own website which you can visit

Let me recommend you visit this cute cute site.  You will be amazed at not only
the delightful illustrations, but the annimation is just charming.  And, there
are some games and color pages too...It's just so fun.

Thank you again Itsy Mitsy, but also to Elanna.  Your talent is just amazing!

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