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Monday, August 20, 2012

Bang for your Book

 is one of my book promotion heros.  Her book, How to Promote your Children's Book
is just outstanding and one every children's book writer should have in their library.

 My Bang for your Book today was inspired by her book.
Here are five ways to promote your book that cost only the price of a sheet of paper

  1. Using a site like Puzzlemaker create (for FREE!) a fun word search or puzzle of your choosing that relates to your book.  These can be handed out at book signings, school presentations or used as a free download on your blog or website.
  2. Create a fun coloring sheet that can be printed and handed out as above or downloaded from your site.  If you are lucky, your illustrator will do a line drawing for you using one of the characters from your book.
  3. Print out instructions for a game or activity that relates to your book.  Maybe a "mask" of one of your characters that can be colored and cut out.
  4. Bookmarks!  If money is tight, don't fret.  Make up a sheet of bookmarks.  You can fit several on a single sheet, print them on cardstock and cut them yourself.  Don't have a color printer.  No worries.  Pass them out and let the kids color them!
  5. Create a fun "poster" promoting literacy AND advertises your book.

Put on your thinking caps.  There are lots of ways to promote your book economically if you think creatively.  And think hard about purchasing Katie's book (see above).  It is money well spent!


  1. I like all these ideas. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Great ideas, one and all! They're going into my School Visit Folder. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for for introducing Katie. Her book sounds wonderful!

  4. Thanks for the tip. I'm not ready to promote yet, but I hope to be there someday soon.

  5. Super ideas, mate. Katie Davis is a real promotion Guru. thanks for the tips.

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