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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Good-bye Jubel

First, I'm excited to announce the winner of the old blue Ball/Mason jar was.....
Sharon was the only commenter so it was an easy decision! (lol)
The fun part is she has a great blog called....
Sharon Stroud's out of her Mind! that I may never have found if she hadn't  left her comment.
I LOVE must visit this blog as she is a fabulous quilter having made over 500 quilts.  She teaches and writes as well.  And her name is Sharon.
Congrats Sharon and thanks for playing along.

If you ever read my Farm and Fru Fru blog, you will remember several years ago, we got a miniature donkey, Jubel.  A quirky little fellow, he was NOT the friendly timid creature
we expected.  He did not get all warm and fuzzy when you petted his head
and although he loved cookies, he snatched them from your hand without so much as a
thank you.  But we loved him anyway.  My own children rarely thank me for
cookies so I didn't hold that against him.

Jubel was in a nice little lot, but was not happy being alone.  I knew this because he paced the perimeter of the fence and looked longingly at the cows in the larger pasture.  We got him a pet.  When Sweetheart the little Jersey come to live with him, Jubel treated him like a bratty little brother.  He whacked at him, butted him, bit him, shoved him away from his food and
generally treated him badly.  Lee decided to put Jube in with the big cows.  I was afraid the much larger cows would butt his little self to kingdom come, but, oh no.
Jubel held his own.  He shoved, bit, chased and hee-hawed his way through the pasture like
the "A**" he was.  Until he began to take on the newborn calves.

That's when Lee got tough.  He refused to let Jubel stir up his little "cash cows" and
announced Jubel had to go.  Lee had taken all he could take.  And so he began to search for
a new home for Jubel.  Earlier this summer Jubel moved to his new home.
While I miss him terribly and hate looking over the fence not seeing him standing there
waiting (impatiently) for his cookies, he now lives with my friend and his new home comes with several minis he can boss around.  And horses.  And llamas, a potbellied pig, ducks, goats, sheep  and more.  He also has his own personal pal..."Lil Darryl," another mini.
I know he's happy, and that's a good thing, but it's a change.
I don't like change much.
  And I don't like losing my A**.


  1. Congrats to Sharon! It does sound as though Jubel has found a great new home, though it is always hard to say goodbye!

    1. He DOES have a good new home, but I miss his hee haw everyday!

  2. I know how you feel, Sharon. We adopted a little black Netherland dwarf bunny 4 years ago, who was wise enough to let my 8 year old daughter hold him in the shelter. However, since then, it's been another bunny altogether.

    We showered him with love, a huge walk-in pen (in the house), wonderful diet, and the company of our cats. He was in the shelter because he attacked every bunny he was with, and so Poppy decided we were all fair game. After four years of love and care from us, he still charges, growls - yes, bunnies growl - and is completely disagreeable. Expensive exotic vets say he's healthy, just a butthead. So we love him, and once in great while, he lets us pet him, and is still wise enough to let my daughter hold him for a minute.

    So, really, I know how you feel. I'm sorry your guy is gone, but it sounds like Jubal needs others to dislike for a while.

    Funny how we love those guys. Maybe because we still feel that in some weird way, they must love us back!

    best wishes, Jo

    1. "...needed others to dislike.." I LOVE IT! Exactly it!

    2. And I never even got to meet him! On my visit he had high tailed it out of the pasture just before we arrived - even though you had cookies. I'm sad for you, but it does sound like he was a bit of a pain in the a_ _, and also sounds like you found him a wonderful new home.

      Delete happy to hear from you.........