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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pinterest Randomness

A cold drizzly Sunday afternoon calls for a little (or a lot) Pinterest.  I can start with the intention of a ten minute viewing and find myself under the same afghan in the same spot three hours later.  It's like my own personal magazine with all my favorite things just spread out in front of me.  The only bad thing about Pinterest is finding that I spend so much time looking at what other people have created, I create less myself.  I guess that's a good way to spend Sunday afternoon.  Addicted I tell you, addicted.

Here are a few goodies that caught my eye....

we start with some cute little bowls from anthro...

how about a little gnome hat from wee little robin on etsy?

lori never disappoints at pretty little things...

and let's face it, no post of cuteness would be complete without a puppy butt....

someone posted this precious idea of a slumber party milk?

an extra special green scarf from recycled tees...

and these bracelets made from men's neckties are calling me....from
new england prepster.tumbler


  1. Thanks Sharon! You just saved me 3 hours on Pinterest! That puppy butt is so adorable, I love the milk and cookie idea, and I've got a bunch of men's ties I got at Goodwill. Maybe I'll make some of those bracelets with the some of them.

  2. sooooo addicting...can't help myself!

  3. Just discovered you. I love Pinterest too - and donkeys, and farms! We have 2 border collies, 1 pet duck and 3 kids who've all mostly left home. More rooms to fill with quilting & crochet! (and knitting sometimes too!)

  4. welcome to farm and fru fru adaliza...come by often!

    ReplyDelete happy to hear from you.........