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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Handmade Christmas vol. #1

Gina Sekelsky of the blog Dreamland has a lovely little Etsy shop called Lettergirl where she offers
 hand-lettered rubber stamps, personalized stationary, calendars etc all done in her beautiful lettering.
I'm taking her "love your letters" handwriting on line class right now and it is so much fun! 
What a fun gift!

Did I mention these are HAND done?

Stocking Stuffers?

 She has many talents in addition to lettering one of which is hand-sewing.

Yep....all cut and sewn BY Hand...guess that's why she won the Alabama Chanin handsewing contest a year or so ago...
If you would care to spend your holiday dollars with someone who makes quality items BY HAND
check out her shop.

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