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Thursday, October 20, 2011


KatherineDunn artist extraordinaire of Apifera Farm has opened her
Etsy shop for your shopping pleasure just in time to meet your
Fall and Holiday needs!

  This is good news for everyone
looking for handcrafted and unique gifts!

You will of course remember that I am a
for Pino, Katherine's faithful miniature donkey who raises money each year
for seniors of the two and four-legged variety.

After many requests from her followers and fans, Katherine
decided to create and sell some of her signature
one of a kind raggedy dolls,

tea towels and aprons

along with a hand-selected group of original art and prints.
Katherine's art is collected internationally and is featured regularly in
the Sundance catalog....(if it's good enough for Robert Redford, it's good enough for me).
While you are shopping, pick up a copy of her book
Creative Illustration Workshop
 for all the creative souls in your life....It's unbelieveable.

Katherine is one of those exceptionally talented people I will probably never meet (west coast lady) but through the magic of the internet, I get to follow and correspond with's the "web" at it's best.....Lucky me~

Sorry about the tiny clue how to make them big and clear at the same time.

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